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EverGreen Awards

Why Use a Green Designee

EverGreen Awards

Throughout the country, sustainable building design and green building practices are fast becoming the norm. Agents who embrace and understand this major industry shift have equipped themselves with the skill set and networks to actively engage professionals and consumers with green services. A handful of outstanding Green designees are selected each year by an independent panel to receive the EverGreen Award.

Each award recipient receives:

  • Inclusion in an article in The REsource, the Green designation's monthly e-newsletter
  • Presentation of their personalized award and pin at the ABR®, GREEN, and SRES® Networking and Awards reception at NAR NXT in November
  • A topic-specific press release regarding the national recognition
  • Consideration for association or media requests for green practitioners
  • Peer recognition
  • green.realtor website prominence


What does it take to get the EverGreen Award? There's no single answer, but all of our award recipients share these traits:

  • Dedication to green lifestyle and work-style
  • Green industry skills based on training, competency, and experience
  • Active participation in the Green designation community, other professional associations, and in community organizations
  • Commitment to the advancement of the green building industry and its practice
  • Creative implementation of green events, practices, or habits in the office or community

Nomination process

Green designees are encouraged to nominate someone whose accomplishments deserve acknowledgment. All active Green designees, certified Green instructors, and certified course providers are eligible, and you can nominate a colleague or yourself.

All nominations are due by July 31, 2024.

2023 Award Winner

Joshua Dickinson, CA

Past Award Winners

2022 Award Winners

Jan Green, AZ
Jan Jedlinsky, OH
Betsy Littrell, TN
Bruce Richardson, Sr., VA

2021 Award Winners

Christopher Matos-Rogers, GA
Ali Al-Asady, AZ

2020 Award Winners

Rob Madden, AZ
Jeannette Moore, FL

2019 Award Winners

Christina Mathieson, NY
Kimberly R. Pontius, MI

2018 Award Winners

Johnny Corrales, UT
Danielle Bowden, FL
New Hampshire Association of REALTORS®

2017 Award Winners

Cheryl Julcher, WI
Craig Della Penna, MA

2016 Award Winners

Mary Love, NC
James Welch Mitchell, CO
Jan Shomaker, CA

2015 Award Winners

John Rosshirt, TX
Christopher Tenggren, IL

2014 Award Winners

Steve Brown (Green Industry Advocate)
Clayton Jirak, IL
Kim Mulligan, WA
John Shipman, CA
Build it Green, CA

2013 Award Winners

Craig Foley, MA
Mel Harris, TX
Rob Larson (Green Industry Advocate)
Brenda Nunes, WA (Instructor)
Eileen Oldroyd, CA

2012 Award Winners

David Popoff, CT
Betsy Macomber, CA
Dave Porter, WA (Instructor)
Marjory Gentsch, AZ (Instructor)
Laura Stukel, IL (Green Industry Advocate)
Texas Association of REALTORS®

2011 Award Winners

Melisa Camp, AZ
Evan Little, CA
William Costley, MI
New York State Association of REALTORS®

2010 Award Winners

Marjory Gentsch, TX
Curtis Hall, AZ
Bob McCranie, TX
Traverse City Association of REALTORS® (TAAR)

2009 Award Winners

Bob Hart, CA
Hogan School of Real Estate
Troy Hodas, NY