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Why Earn the Designation

Why Earn the Designation

Why Earn the Designation

Green homes sell faster and for more money than homes without energy-efficient features.

Buyers increasingly search for homes that have increased energy performance and provide a healthier, more comfortable living space. Builders of green homes depend on educated real estate professionals to help market newly constructed or remodeled homes.

By earning NAR's Green Designation, you position yourself as a leader in green real estate that's fully equipped to help clients take advantage of the opportunities their next home can offer.

GREEN designee benefits

When you earn NAR's Green Designation, you gain access to members-only benefits and tools that help you build your business and stay at the forefront of the green real estate industry. Watch the video below for a short tutorial on how to access these GREEN-exclusive member benefits.

Evergreen education

We've assembled renowned subject matter experts to establish a curriculum filled with the most current topics, trends, and innovative research in green real estate. During our two-day training program, which you can take in person or online, you'll learn:

  • Why consumer demand for green homes is increasing, causing these homes to sell faster and for a premium in some markets
  • The benefits consumers gain from resource-efficient homes, smart homes, and certified homes
  • How to help homeowners improve the resource efficiency of their homes—from low-cost fixes to big-budget remodels
  • The cost-benefits of retrofitting vs. remodeling vs. renovating
  • And so much more...

After completing the course, you'll have ongoing access to marketing materials, newsletters, and other resources that ensure you can continue to market your speciality even as the market changes.

Green Lightbulb

Want to get the benefits of going green? Take the next step.

Vibrant network and online community

Join our exclusive Facebook group where GREEN designees share tips, trends, and topics. And with NAR's Green Designation, you'll become part of our searchable network of green real estate professionals, helping you get in front of more homebuyers, sellers, builders, and agents looking for your unique knowledge.

Customizable marketing materials

Advertise your expertise with personalized marketing materials, including:

  • Social media cover photos
  • Digital banner ads
  • Email header images
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Press release templates
  • Green client handouts

And you can help your clients better understand the benefits of sustainable homes and lifestyles with our green client handouts and social media posts.

NAR's Green Designation is a two-day program that gives you the solid foundation of skills you need.