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March 2016

March Webinar

High-Performance Appraisals. The Power to Close.

Appraisals of high-performance properties sometimes feel fraught with danger. 

Is the appraiser competent? Does he or she understand why the property is unique? Are there enough comps for the appraiser to draw on? Have the HERS rating and other green certifications gotten into the hands of the appraiser or is that information buried in a file? 

February 2016

Feb 2016 Tax Credits

Federal Tax Credits Extended

There’s good news for your clients who want to make energy efficiency upgrades in 2016. You can continue to advise and connect clients with the people and resources that can produce greater efficiency in their homes. And you can point them to a variety of credits now available through the end of 2016.

Green Feb 2016

Understand Consumers’ Wants, Secure Your Future 

During the last six months, the Green REsource Council has been hitting to road to connect the GRC with other industry groups and get its name and mission out to a broader audience of professionals involved in the housing industry. 

Feb 16 TIps

This Month's Tips: Save on Water Heating Bills

Heating water consumes about 13 percent of the annual bill for the typical single-family home, says EnergyStar.
It you’re not ready to invest in a new, more efficient water heater, there are still steps you can take to cut your water heating costs. 

Feb 2016 Smart Grid

What Smart Meters Can Do for Your Clients

Even though most of them won’t be interested in a lengthy, technical explanation of the smart grid, energy policy or the minutiae of how electricity is generated, you can spin the information into something relevant by answering the question, “What can smart meters do for me?”