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December 2022

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10 Great Ideas from GRC Members

One benefit of GRC membership is that NAR Green Designees are generous about sharing information and smart ideas. 
For example, one person's firsthand experience with a home technology can help others understand its relevance in their home or a client's. 

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Let’s talk about Heat Pumps!

As a GREEN Designee, you likely know the difference between a heat pump and a furnace - a furnace heats the home with natural gas, oil, or propane (fossil fuels), and a heat pump uses electricity. 

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Grab a Discount on Your GRC Membership Renewal

The holidays, the rush to wrap up the year, and the need to sketch out your business plan for next year all make for a hectic December. 

We know. 

We'll be quick. 

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Member Meet-up: Stephen Peck

As a former physician, Stephen Peck, GREEN, RE/MAX Shoreline in Portland, Maine, brings an extra dose of credibility when talking with clients about IAQ, toxic compounds in finishes and materials, the health benefits of daylighting, and how color affects our mood, metabolism, and alertness.

November 2022

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Member Meet-up: Monice Cuervo

Monica Cuervo considers her NAR Green Designation a tool that helps her introduce families to the benefits of renewable energy and sustainable homes. 
She earned the designation earlier this year and then got certified as a solar consultant by Powur University Solar Academy. "I care about the environment and want to positively impact my community by influencing people to adopt clean and sustainable energy," says Cuervo.