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May 2022

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Back to Basics: Heat Pumps

For many of your clients, the natural response when the HVAC system breaks is to replace it with a newer version of whatever was there. 
But that's a missed opportunity, given that heat pumps provide a more efficient and sustainable way to heat and cool air, enhance comfort, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and eliminate safety concerns like carbon monoxide poisoning. 

April 2022

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Help Clients Future-proof Their Commercial Properties

If you work with commercial clients or plan to, review Urban Land Institute’s report, “Green Buildings for Healthier People.” It can help you address the health- and climate-friendly choices that clients can make to add value during the development and life span of commercial buildings, whether they’re offices, retail facilities, or multifamily properties. 

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Member Meet-up: Liliana Perazich

Liliana Perazich, GREEN, SRES®, spent 25 years in the healthcare industry before becoming a REALTOR® in 2017.

She focused on cardio-pulmonary rehab and diabetes education, so she knows how essential it is for people to live healthy lives in healthy environments. 

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Cooking Without Gas

For anyone concerned about IAQ and energy efficiency, it's time to consider induction cooktops. 
They rely on electromagnetic energy that transfers heat directly into cookware, and the induction method reduces cooking time, saves energy, and can improve air quality. Read more about how induction cooking works.

March 2022

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10 Smart Ways to Make Your Business Vibrant, Sustainable: GRC Experts Weigh In

When the market is fast and hot like it is this spring, it can be hard to find the time to work on your business and not just in it. 
But enhancing relationships, building skills, and staying abreast of trends and topics that affect the industry and your community are essential to creating a vibrant, sustainable business.