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October 2022

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What Your Clients Should Know About the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act makes $9 billion in rebates available for homeowners in support of energy-efficiency home improvements. With up to $14,000 in rebates available per household, it's time to spread the word on some of the IRA’s provisions that will reverberate for years to come in our residential built environment.

September 2022

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EverGreen Award Reception: Celebrate, Honor, Network

After days of meetings, education sessions, and running around the expo floor during the NAR NXT, The REALTOR® Experience, it’s nice to have a relaxing weekend party to look forward to. 

We’re here to provide that break during the ABR®, GREEN, and SRES® Networking & Awards Reception in Orlando. 

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Green by Design

Bruce Richardson, Sr. is known around his Richmond, VA, market as "The Green Guy."
That's by design. 
Wherever he goes, including on his morning walks and running errands, he wears a nametag that broadcasts that he's a REALTOR® with the NAR Green Designation.

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The Purple Cow of Sustainable Real Estate

Betsy Littrell, a REALTOR® with Village Real Estate, Nashville, TN, can walk into a house with clients and quickly read the space, envisioning design changes, ways to add value, how to lighten the building's environmental load, and what local building codes could affect a homeowner's renovation options.

August 2022

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Green Short Takes

GRC Members Get Top Billing in REALTOR® Magazine 

Sustainability and NAR Green Designees got top billing in REALTOR® Magazine’s latest issue. Three stories, Setting Your Sights on Sustainability, Learning to Love EVs, and Under All Is Water, featured GRC members. They talked about everything from protecting water resources and loving EV cars to how they started down the green path.